Our History

August 1888



Jan Kors Smit, the founder of JK Smit Diamond Tools, is born January 20, 1856 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
At 32 years old he is the director of a diamond polishing factory, the administrator of real estate and the partner in a business specialized in the export of Dutch vegetables. 

He starts his industrial diamond business after reading a classified advertisement in Dutch newspaper "het Handelsblad" requesting for industrial diamonds. 

He brings great energy into building his company to become an international organization that keeps growing through wars and financial depressions.

February 1934 



The organization continues to grow, and its diamonds are in such great demand, that a branch in New York, U.S.A. was quickly established under the supervision of 19-year-old grandson Piet Smit.

It's here where the first diamond tools are developed by the company.

The first diamond tool invented is the Multi-set core bit, which becomes an essential part of mining equipment.

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